Jan 3, 2012

WUPLOAD Premium Account Generator 4.0v 2012

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Frequently Asked Questions
What are the benefits of creating a free Wupload account?

With a free account, managing and sharing all your files and images you upload to Wupload is simple! All you have to do is log in to your account, any time from any computer. If you do not have a free account, you are only able to upload and delete files. We encourage users to create a free account so they can always manage and share their files and images at any time, from anywhere!
Is it safe to store confidential or sensitive files on Wupload?

Files uploaded to Wupload are not accessible to the public and can only be downloaded by others if you choose to give them the sharing URL. You also have the option of making any or all of your sensitive/confidential files private or password protected at any time for added security.
What file types are hosted by Wupload?

You can upload all file types to Wupload (up to 2GB in size for a Free account, up to 10GB for Premium) as long as they abide by our Acceptable Use Policy and Terms of Service. Refrain from uploading any copyrighted files that you do not own the rights to or don't have permission from the owner to distribute, even if you do not intend to share them with others.
What happens if I lose the sharing URL for a file I've uploaded?

If you create a free account or log in to your account before uploading a file to Wupload, then you will find that file on your My Files page. Without a free account, if you misplace the sharing URL for a file you've uploaded, you'll need to upload the file again. This is why we advise signing up for free account. By simply logging into your account, at any time, from any computer, you'll always be able to manage and share the files and images that you upload to Wupload.
How do I download files from Wupload?

You must use the unique sharing URLs we provide to the person who uploaded the files in order to download files on Wupload.
Am I able to resume broken downloads?

You can resume broken downloads with a Premium account. Only Premium accounts enable the use of download-accelerators, which resume partial downloads. They also increase downloading speeds through the use of segmented downloads. You can download the same file using many streams this way, resulting in faster download speeds.
Can I delete my uploaded files?

Yes. After your upload is completed, you will get two links: a download link, which you can share with everyone you want, and a delete link, which you keep for yourself. Just click on the delete link and your file will be deleted immediately.
What should I do if I forget my username or password?

We can send a reminder of your login details to the email address associated with your account. From there, follow the instructions on the "forgot password" page.
How do I upgrade to a Premium account?

Have a free account and find yourself wanting additional features? You can easily upgrade to a paid account on the Upgrade to Premium page.
Can I browse all the files hosted by Wupload?

No; some users wish for their files to remain private, which is why you may only download files which you have obtained the link for.
My account has been hacked. What can I do?

Wupload is not responsible for hacked accounts and will not restore them. The security of your account is your responsibility.
I'm having trouble downloading files!

If you do not have a Wupload Premium account, there are certain restrictions which may interfere with your downloading: you can only have one download per IP address at a time, and there is also a limit on the amount of data you can download from our servers within a certain amount of time. If you share your IP address with other Wupload users (e.g. because your ISP uses proxies or NAT), you may be adversely affected by their activities.
What should I do when a file I've downloaded asks me for a password?

Please ask the user who shared the file link with you for details about the password, file format or required codes. We do not have access to this information.
Why isn't my download speed faster?

One reason your download speed may be slow has to do with packet roundtrip time and packet loss from your computer to our servers. The time of day may also make a difference, so one solution is trying to download at a different time. A Wupload Premium account will significantly increase your downloading speed, often maxing out your Internet connection's bandwidth. If you have any other questions,

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