Jan 25, 2012

FilePost Premium Account Generator 2012 1.5v

 100% Free download 
 Each premium plan includes:

    Unlimited download speed and bandwidth

    We guarantee the highest file download speed at our service. Our servers are extremely fast and the load balancing is robust.
    Unlimited downloads without restrictions

    Download as much as you want and when you you want. No delays, no timeouts. Unlimited multithreaded and parallel downloads.
    Unlimited uploads with various options

    Upload files up to 5 GB, as much as you want in the most convenient way. There're multiple direct and remote HTTP and FTP options available
    Unlimited, safe and secure storage

    Your files may be kept on our servers as long as you want. You control everything about your files and get detailed realtime download statistics

Are there any long term contracts?
    No. Canceling your membership will result in you being billed for the current period, but you won't be billed again. FilePost is a pay-as-you-go service. This means there are no long term contacts and you're able cancel your membership anytime.
How secure is FilePost?
    Very. FilePost uses an SSL certificate that is fully authenticated and verified. This secures your data with a 256-bit encryption which ensures that your data is safe.
How safe are my files stored on FilePost?
    Extremely safe. You're able to control the access permissions for your files and get realtime statistics of the downloads. And you shouldn't worry about the safety of your files that you upload to our servers, for the data on our storages is always backed up and written to multiple disks instantly.

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